Q: What are Kiosk Boys “Originals”?
A: Handcrafted jackets featuring a hand-sewn on true vintage shirt graphic.  We strive to focus on the craft and quality of each one that is created. “Originals” are a 1 of 1 product, making it perfectly suited for you.


Q: When do new pieces release?
A: We'll announce when we have a release, typically they are on Friday at 3PM PST but may change.


Q: Can I order a custom "Originals" jacket?
A: No, "Originals" will be released in special packs on drop day.


Q: What is the price range?
A: Pieces range from 150 - 450 USD with a majority of the pieces being in the 150-250 price range. 


Q: Do you have multiple sizes for certain products.
A: Generally, each product is one of one and will only be available in the size listed. Rarely will there be a piece in multiple sizes.


Q: How do I care for my Kiosk Boys “Originals”?
A: We recommend dry cleaning your jacket.


Q: How long will it take for my item to ship?
A: All orders are processed within 2-3 business days. A tracking number will then be provided to confirm the shipment. Orders are shipped with USPS.


Q: How do I contact you for more information/questions?
A: Please reach out to us at kioskboysofficial@gmail.com or message us on Instagram @kioskboys. 


Q: Can I return purchased items?
A: Unfortunately we do not accept returns. However, we do offer returns if you received the wrong item.